Under the Sea

  • Under the Sea
  • Under the Sea
  • Under the Sea

This beautiful candle duo features two twisted candles, which have been hand-poured and hand painted in Manchester, England.

Candle 1 ~ This candle features evil eye and sun details.
Candle 2 ~ This candle features a beautiful shell with a golden pearl, and wild seaweed.

Candles should always be supervised when they are lit. If you should wish to burn our candles, please keep your candle away from drafty areas, place your candle on a dish / in a candle holder, and make sure the wick is centred.

Please note each piece is unique due to being handmade and hand-poured. Some pieces may have minor variations or tiny imperfections.

Height - 20CM
Weight - 264G
Materials - Paraffin Wax and Stearin.